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Asphalt Sealcoating

Protect & Preserve your asphalt surfaces with Spartan Sealcoating & Property Maintenance. We are a premier asphalt sealcoating company, and we specialize in revitalizing, protecting and increasing the longevity of your residential or commercial asphalt surface!

Few things make a piece of property pop quite like a freshly laid stretch of blacktop in the parking lot. Sooner or later, though, you need asphalt sealcoating to maintain your hard surface areas outside throughout each season and storm.

Over time, that gorgeous new dark paved surface develops cracks, potholes, and uneven sections, causing damage to vehicles passing through. Without the right mix of experience, tools, and contractors, you can’t hope to keep up with maintenance without spending more.

When you choose us at Spartan Sealcoating & Property Maintenance for your sealcoating, repairs, and other service needs, it means saving more on maintenance. We provide the best in local asphalt sealcoating solutions that don’t cost you more than it must.

If you feel tired of seeing your parking lots crumbling away, or potholes forming around your buildings, contact us today. Our contractors guarantee better service results at lower costs every day, regardless of the current condition of your asphalt surfaces.

Affordable Asphalt Sealcoating

When you ignore your asphalt surfaces’ maintenance needs, it only causes them to deteriorate faster than you had initially anticipated. And when that happens, it results in you spending more for a completely new area to get installed right now.

While all driveways, parking lots, blacktops, and other surfaces do, eventually, need to get replaced, it helps to maintain them. Doing so can help you utilize your exterior areas for longer, seeing them used for years before they require replacements.

On paper, a typical asphalt driveway could last as long as 20 years, but that likely isn’t the case. However, with proper care and upkeep, you might extend its use that far, allowing you to save more on maintenance.

When you need to avoid surprise service costs and more expensive contractor visits, you can save more by hiring us. Contact our team today and save more on asphalt sealcoating repairs that keep your asphalt surfaces at their best longer.

What is Asphalt Sealcoating Services?

Asphalt sealcoating describes the process of adding a protective coating to protect the underlying areas of asphalt from harm. While it won’t act as a brand-new stretch of paved blacktop, it allows you to avoid continued deterioration.

Every day, your outdoor surfaces stay vulnerable to the weather, direct impacts, and daily wear and tear from others. While these spots remain among the most durable building materials, they still need our help eventually for safer prolonged use.

Commercial business owners know that their parking lot remains the place where they make first impressions on their potential customers. And at home, your curb appeal also suffers when the asphalt begins crumbling away from moisture, Sun’s UV rays and the cold.

Professional sealcoating by experienced service contractors proves the practical way to see asphalt service life double for longer-lasting paved surfaces. Why spend more on replacing your asphalt areas when we can help you save on quality maintenance solutions every day?

Asphalt Sealcoating Contractors Near Me

When you need an experienced team of asphalt sealcoating contractors, you need to hire us for your best results possible. We guarantee affordable pricing for your superior quality repairs, no matter what property zoning you have or your maintenance concerns. 

From cracked parking lots to potholes forming around your home, we can tackle any issues that you have found now. Contact us at Spartan Sealcoating & Property Maintenance today and give your asphalt surfaces the treatment that they deserve now.


Asphalt Sealcoating

Looking for sealcoating services? Look no further! Let the experts at Spartan Sealcoating & Property Maintenance protect and maintain your asphalt surface.

Line Striping

Are your parking lot lines looking a little faded? Spartan Sealcoating & Property Maintenance can help give your parking lot a brand new look and feel.

Asphalt Repair

Spartan Sealcoating & Property Maintenance can repair or repave any asphalt surface, whether residential or commercial. Combine that with our sealcoating services, and you’ll have fresh, crack-free asphalt for years to come.

Crack Sealing

If you’ve got cracks in your asphalt surface, call us today to come fill the cracks before it’s too late – (609) 675-0223!

Lawn Care

Here at Spartan Sealcoating & Property Maintenance, we also provide local residents with lawn care and lawn maintenance services!

Snow Removal

Let the snow removal experts handle getting snow and ice off of your driveway or commercial parking lot.