Spartan Sealcoating & Property Maintenance offers snow removal services to residential and commercial clients during the winter months in Glassboro New Jersey. Call today for your free estimate, and we'll get that driveway or parking lot in Glassboro cleared for you — (609) 675-0223!


Snow and Ice Removal Glassboro

Spartan Sealcoating & Property Maintenance not only offers land care in the spring and summer months, but when things cool off, we can help keep your driveway, street or commercial parking lot snow and ice free!

Call us today at (609) 675-0223 to get your free estimate for snow removal!

Snow Plowing Glassboro NJ

You thought you were going to cash in on the winter season holiday shoppers, but your parking lot has disappeared. When you can’t even pull into a spot from the colder weather, you need local snow plowing contractors for help.

Unfortunately, when you rely on some snowplow service providers, they often charge premium pricing to clear away your snow. Or, if the only company available uses a push snowplow by hand, it could take hours to uncover your lot.

Instead, you can still call on us at Spartan Sealcoating & Property Maintenance even in the dead of winter for fast and affordable solutions. We provide the best in local Glassboro, NJ, snow plowing services that keep your home or business running smoothly today.

Whether you can’t leave your driveway or shoppers have nowhere to go, just contact us and save on professional services. No one keeps more asphalt surfaces free from snow each winter like our expert team of contractors do every year.

Best Snow Plowing Services Glassboro NJ

You can discover a wide range of different ways to clear away ice, snow, and slush from asphalt surfaces. And while some methods may prove faster than others, they could also leave behind unwanted residues that stick to vehicles.

Road salt, for example, uses minerals and chemical compounds that cause snow on the surface to melt faster than alone. Unfortunately, any car that drives through it can look forward to a milky white stain and one that could rust.

Other ice melt products use such chemicals as calcium chloride or magnesium chloride that create a chemical reaction with water. Unfortunately, that also causes corrosion to occur once it sticks to your tires, wheel wells, and other metallic vehicle components.

Snow plowing remains the most direct and cost-effective approach to maintaining your asphalt surfaces throughout the frigid winter months. When you have blacktop, cement, parking lots, and other areas that need help, just choose us for affordable snow plowing.

Why Hire Us for Snow Plowing Services?

Sure, you could head out to the blacktop alone with nothing more than a shovel and begin clearing away snow. However, not only will that take your hours to complete, but your body suffers more from it in the end.

You don’t notice how hot and sweaty you become, and the cold, wet weather could soon make you feel sick. And when it stays frigid enough outside to cause snow, you can’t recognize how dehydrated you become from physical activity.

Instead, we make short work of even the highest snow mounds, allowing your customers to continue shopping with you. No matter what business that you operate, or where you have parking lots, we can assist your property, including:

  • Hospitals & Medical Buildings
  • Schools & Education
  • Public Services
  • Housing & Community Parking Lots
  • Grocery Stores
  • Retail Centers
  • Fast Food
  • Government Buildings
  • Street Plowing
  • Residential Driveways
  • Cement Sidewalks
  • Athletic Courts
  • And more snow plowing services.

Don’t let a little extra winter weather prevent you from serving those that matter the most by hiring our contractors. Save more on professional snow plowing services and keep your asphalt spaces free from ice safely and without harmful residues.

Snow Plowing Near Me

You don’t need to sweat fighting with winter snowstorms again when you leave the hard work to us each time. Choose Spartan Sealcoating & Property Maintenance for your best snow plowing services and save on winter maintenance solutions.


Asphalt Sealcoating

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Line Striping

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Asphalt Repair

Spartan Sealcoating & Property Maintenance can repair or repave any asphalt surface, whether residential or commercial. Combine that with our sealcoating services, and you’ll have fresh, crack-free asphalt for years to come.

Crack Sealing

If you’ve got cracks in your asphalt surface, call us today to come fill the cracks before it’s too late – (609) 675-0223!

Lawn Care

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Snow Removal

Let the snow removal experts handle getting snow and ice off of your driveway or commercial parking lot.